Vicki Rottman – Denver, Colorado, United-States

I spent 3 ½ days on tour with Philippe Bigotto. He was very nice to me, a very good guide who went beyond what was required to show me around Périgord Noir. Not only did I see all the sights I wanted to see and learn about the history and prehistory of the area, but I feel that I made a good new friend. I would recommend his services to anyone who would like a wonderful personal tour with someone who is life-long resident of Sarlat.

Carroll Imi – Vancouver, Canada

We would like to thank Philippe for the amazing tour you provided to us, and for introducing us the incredible sites in the area and also to the wonderful people ! His helpfulness and attention to detail made this tour incredible full of depth and meaning. We could not have enjoyed it more !! We definitely recommend him for area tours.

Tanya and Victor Korin

We would like to express our gratitude to the tourist office of Sarlat for introducing us to Philippe Bigotto, the friendly, caring knowledgeable guide, who was creating itineraries to satisfy our interests, taking us to off bit “treasure” places.

Bob and Chris Hedges – Folsom, California, United-States

Philippe is the « best » tour guide that we have ever had. (may 28, may 29 and may 30)

As a life-long resident of Sarlat and the surround area he has extensive knowledge and enjoys sharing his country with his clients.

He takes you to the best places over the most scenic routes with ample photo opportunities.

He customizes his authentic tours to ensure that his clients experience is what they want for sites, timing and level of difficulty.

He patiently answers questions regarding the area, the french language, and provides excellent recommendations.

We believe his English is excellent; he does not.

Provides special “surprises”.

Ingeborg Kauper – Ottobrunn, Germany

One of my main interests are the painted caves and I had good guides in each cave I visited. Plus Philippe also has consolidated knowledge of the caves. I therefore understand so much more about these treasures from the Stone Age.

Conclusion: to have a local guide is a very good and easy way to really experience the area. To be on tour with Philippe is fun, easy going, educational and altogether a wonderful intruduction to beautiful Perigord (and Lot).

I can thoroughly recommend Philippe.

Kind regards,

Ingeborg Kauper

Donna Gordon

We are from Boston and met you two years ago. We had a wonderful tour with you. We will be returning to France in October with our oldest daughter and may be staying in Bordeaux : We would like to see some of the castles such as Chateau Millandes. If there is a falcomy event in the area we would also be interested in that and anything else that you recommend. Hope you and your family are well.

Evgeniy and Natalia

Philippe, bonjour!
Philippe, we are very grateful for the tour you organized !  Thank you for the interesting story and time spent with us. Thank you to your mom and wife for a wonderful picnic.
We look at the photos, it is very beautiful and sunny. ln Moscow now is overcast, the temperature is about O degrees, rare snowflakes are failing.

Wine on the our table from Georgia, but as French wine also very good. We wish for you fulfillment of desires and success in all your endeavors

Yours sincerely,

Evgeniy and Natalia

Upon arrivai home began to consider the photo and saw this.
Y ou probably know this person.

Inge Kauper

My name is Inge Kauper. I was in Sarlat in October 2019 and Philippe Bigotto was my tour guide for 2 days. I am very pleased with this amazing experience and I would like to recommend him.

I was looking for a local guide to learn about the Perigord, its people and the painted caves.

The tours were very well organised (time frame, lunchbreaks). Philippe really knows the area En route he showed me small villages and restaurants off the beaten trac and many other things particular to tlie Perigord.

Itinérances à la journée ou 1/2 journée au cœur du Périgord Noir